“EBPF welcomes the Commission’s conclusions on the sustainable use of biocides”

“EBPF welcomes the Commission’s conclusions on the sustainable use of biocides”

17 March 2016

The European Biocidal Products Forum (EBPF) welcomes the Commission’s conclusions on the sustainable use of biocides.

The European Commission has published its report assessing how the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR 528/2012) is contributing to the sustainable use of biocides, as required under Article 18 of the BPR. EBPF, a sector group of Cefic comprising more than 80 companies and affiliated associations and representing the industry that places a wide range of biocidal products on the market, fully supports the Commission’s main conclusion that the current focus for achieving the sustainable use of biocides has to remain active substance approval and product authorisation.

The BPR regulates the approval of active substances and the subsequent authorisation of biocidal products containing those substances on the European market. The conditions for authorisation and the related use instructions ensure that the required effectiveness is achieved whilst posing no harm to human health or the environment. Further to stressing the need to concentrate efforts on these processes, the European Commission proposes a series of actions rather than recommending further legislative development under existing or new frameworks.

EBPF agrees that the BPR is a key contributor to the objective of sustainable use of biocides” explains Dr. Raf Bruyndonckx, EBPF Manager. “The legislation guarantees that each biocidal product in the EU is accompanied with clear instructions, spelling out under which conditions it can be sold and used. In our view, the next priority actions following approval and authorisation need to focus on improved education, in order to assure the optimal use of biocides. The latter has to be achieved in concert with alternative control measures in an integrated approach,” he concludes.

Biocides are essential to ensure a healthy, productive and sustainable society thanks to their prevention and protection properties against harmful organisms. Biocides have numerous applications that provide enormous benefits to all of us, spanning from keeping drinking water clean to making products longerlasting. The sustainable use of biocides has to ensure that these benefits are not jeopardised.

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