Other biocidal products

Products in this main group are antifouling products to prevent marine organisms from settling on ship hull’s, improving fuel consumption, preventing damage to marine vessels and avoiding import of invasive alien marine organisms to an area and embalming fluids for preservation of humans and animals.

PT21 Antifouling products
PT21 Antifouling products
PT22 Embalming and taxidermist fluid
PT22 Embalming and taxidermist fluid
PT22 Embalming and taxidermist fluid

PT21 – Antifouling products

Used to control the growth and settlement of fouling organisms (microbes and higher forms of plant or animal species) on vessels, aquaculture equipment or other structures used in water.

90% of the world’s goods are transported by sea. Ships are among the safest and most environmentally-preferred means of transport available today. However, if the ship’s hull is not protected with an effective antifouling paint, marine organisms will settle on the hull increasing drag and leading to a significant increase in fuel consumption, and thus CO2 emissions by up to 60%, as well as making goods more costly to ship through slower journeys and more fuel burned.

The use of antifouling coatings, containing biocides, controls the unwanted growth of marine organisms on ship’s hulls leading to lower carbon footprints for this mode of transport.

Furthermore, a significant concern in the marine environment is the translocation of species from one geographic region to another. In this new location, they may multiply and disturb the natural balance of already established organisms. The use of antifouling coatings helps prevent such imbalance.

PT22 – Embalming and taxidermist fluids

Embalming or taxidermist fluids are used for the preservation and disinfection of animal or human corpses, or parts thereof.

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